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5 Great Reasons To Choose Polar

Sealed Bearings

Premium wheels on our trailers and carts have sealed bearings, which mean they never need greasing and will last a VERY long time.

5 Great Reasons To Choose Polar

Tilt & Swivel

Unique to Polar Trailer, our tilt and swivel frames allows you to turn and pivot the trailer to dump your load where you want, without unhitching it.

5 Great Reasons To Choose Polar

Ground Clearance

With a higher ground clearance, our trailers are made to be used in the roughest terrain with plenty of room to spare.

5 Great Reasons To Choose Polar

Tandem Walking Arm

Our patented Tandem Walking Arm enables the trailer to walk over uneven terrain like logs and rocks. This unique feature keeps your trailer stable and even the heaviest of loads from tipping over.

5 Great Reasons To Choose Polar

FIVE year Warranty

Rigorously tested, our trailers are tough. Backed by a 5 -year warranty, Polar Trailers and Carts are built to last!



There's a reason we offer a five-year warranty on all Polar trailers and carts, and it all starts with our user-friendly design and high-quality components. See for yourself.

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