Can I purchase caged roller bearing for my older Polar Trailer (HD1200 / HD1500 Trailer)?

Yes, Caged Roller Bearing kits (#108264) are available for purchase

When will my order ship?

In most instances orders placed on the Polar Trailer website should be processed and shipped within 3 business days of order receipt. While these times are consistent please note that exceptions will occur for various reasons and we will do our best to note situational or seasonal exceptions in the shipping section of our web store.

Will the side racks fit on all older models of HD1200 and HD1500 trailers?

No. Because of a slight design change, our side racks will only fit on HD1200 and HD 1500 trailers made after 2007.

Will the cargo cover fit over my side racks?

Yes. Covers can be ordered on our website here

Can I purchase Accessories for my Polar Trailer?

Yes…Polar Trailer Accessories can be found here

Why are the dust caps missing from my Polar Trailer?

Our shielded bearing tires are not designed with dust caps (Dust Caps will only fit on our older style caged bearing style tire).

Can I have my order shipped anywhere?

We currently ship only within the contiguous 48 states. Please see our Locate a Dealer map.

Can I use my Polar Trailer for road or highway hauling?

Polar Trailers are designed exclusively for off-road hauling, and NOT as a highway trailer. Your trailer can be towed behind a variety of tow vehicles, including lawn mowers, ATVs, UTVs or small tractors.

Can I purchase Shielded Bearings for my Polar Trailer (HD1200 / HD1500)?

Yes, Shielded Ball Bearings and Shielded Ball Bearings (with Black V-Clip) are available for purchase

How is the Polar Trailer frame and tub constructed?

The Polar Trailer frame is constructed of 11 gauge “square tube” steel and not fabricated. The entire frame is uniquely assembled with just six bolts. The Polar Trailer tub is constructed from “High Impact” Polyethylene to ensure that it won’t rust, corrode or break. It is the strongest of any tow-behind utility trailer in the industry.

Do I have “Caged roller” bearing tires or “Shielded” bearing tires on my HD1200/HD1500 Trailer?

Caged Roller Bearing tires will have grease zerks and require greasing (also came with dust caps) Shielded Bearings do not have grease zerks and do not require greasing

Can I purchase inner tubes for my older Polar Trailer?

Previously sold trailers had 4-ply rubber with inner tubes with an angled stem. We do have inner tubes available for purchase for HD1200 and HD1500 models. To purchase one of these innertubes, please contact our customer service team. *Our current tires for the HD1200 and HD1500 trailers are tubeless with shielded bearing.

Are the Polar Trailers clean-dumping?

The only model that would provide a clean dump would be the HD Max as it has a square back with a flat removable “tailgate” thus allowing for a cleaner dump.

How does the shape of the tub help my Polar Trailer perform?

Our HD1200 and HD1500 Trailer beds are designed with a raised nose and tail for added hauling capacity and easy side loading.

How does the tilt & swivel trailer bed help my Polar Trailer perform? (Does not apply to the Utility Cart and Cub Cart)

The trailer bed both dumps and swivels side-to-side allowing you to dump your payload wherever you choose.

How much ground clearance does my Polar Trailer have? (Does not apply to the Utility Cart and Cub Cart)

Polar Trailer’s innovative Pass-Through Axle allows 12 inches of ground clearance. This meets or exceeds the ground clearance of most ATVs and UTVs on the market.

How does the side wall support work on your HD1200 and HD1500 trailers?

Steel sidewall supports run up both sides of the trailer tub adding extra strength. Heavy objects can be laid across the trailer without fear of collapsing the sidewalls. When hauling sand, dirt or rock, the supported sidewalls keep the tub from bowing out which could cause excessive wear on the tub and tires.

What is the Quick Release Tipper Latch?

The Tipper Latch is the mechanism that releases the trailer when dumping cargo. We weld our tipper latch to the steel frame, eliminating the chance of the trailer dumping by accident when hauling heavy loads over rugged terrain or up an incline. We also offer an accessory Foot Pedal Latch for ease of use available for all HD and LG Models.